sâmbătă, 8 noiembrie 2008

Ce-i aia SEO ?

SEO is using deodorant instead of washing. SEO is masking bad coffee with sugar. SEO is cramming instead of studying. SEO is using pain killers instead of going to the dentist. SEO is taking weight loss pills instead of exercising. SEO is a comb-over. SEO is Scientology. SEO is Paris Hilton. SEO is the Zune. SEO is the morning-after pill. SEO is astroturf. SEO is not the real thing. SEO is cutting corners. SEO is not the solution. SEO is bullshit.

De aici.

White Obama


Vlad Petreanu avea pe blogul lui pe paparuda asta cu un videoclip electoral penibil. Avea,fiindca paparuda a scos video-ul de pe Youtube.
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